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6 Insane Apps for Personal Finance Management

Activities and decisions of your financial status in spending, investing, saving, retirement planning, and budgeting will affect the health of your financial status today and might be in the near future. Some might say that it was very challenging, say no boring and dull things, keeping track to all of your activities in finance (you might be thinking about receipts and bills’ stacks, also a calculator) but the mobile apps today will make your daily tasks fun and easy. Below are the six best finance applications today. Now you will keep on track about your finance anytime, anywhere without any excuse where your budget is going.

Prosper Daily App
This is a free android application which is a security service for your personal finance. With the help of this app, you can now see and track all of the expenditures and transactions you have done in the past. One of the greatest features of this app is the protection to any errors and frauds to your credit cards. This application has the access to all remaining balances of your credit cards and can view quickly all recurring charges of your debit cards. This application can create a super protective and alert system if an untrusted and suspicious fine is imposed to your precious account. Prosper daily app can help you report the fine or even contact the seller, and help in getting back your money from erroneous, unfair charges, or frauds. When data error occurred at the last shopping place you have gone into, alerts from data-breach will inform you as soon as possible to help you secure your own financial health. This application is one of the trendy apps in play store today. Having this application will make you feel secured every time you spend or shop in a place you have not been before.

Mint Bills App
This is also a free application for android users which earned an award. This application will help you keep your bills on track, and screen your credit cards as well as your bank accounts. This is an organized app where in all of your bills, account details, and other due dates are all placed in a single centralized area. Plus, you will get extra reminders about the dues of your bills, and of course reminders about low remaining balance or when the limits of your credits are near. Here, one can make a schedule of his bill payments and you can pay bills with credit card or bank account through this application. It will also let you monitor your monthly expenses to see if you saved some money or not. This application helped a lot of users because of its user-friendly features. Children, moms and dads, or even grandparents can easily access this mobile application for easier way of shopping and spending.

Level Money App
Level money app, is again, a free android application which is new in the industry. This is a personal finance application space which is an award winner. This application acts as meter for mobile money so the user can easily monitor his/her day-to-day flow of cash or transactions. Every first day of the month, the application will fill-up your estimated value of income which is highly based from the history of your expenses. This app will also deduct your savings rate, at least 7%, and the user’s recurring bills. Any money that remains will fall under your expenses, or that money you have spent for the past month. The application is programmed to have expenditures break down on a day-to-day basis, weekly basis, or even monthly basis to help you monitor.

Mint.com Application
Seem that every application in this article are award winners, this one is also a part of them. Just like the other apps, this one will also help you monitor your monthly expenditures. But the only thing different in this application from the rest is that, this application will help you manage your budget and money in one single area so the user can easily see and track his/her expenses and savings. Your personal accounts like bank accounts, retirement, loan and credit accounts can also be added in this application. After adding all the accounts, this application will automatically categorize all your expenditures history instead of inputting the history of your money transactions one by one. Mint will also give its user a budget as starting money which is based from the user’s transactions. Since the application is user-friendly, it will be easy to the user to customize and add budgets if ever the user is not satisfied with the budget given by this application. Alerts and reminders for bills will help its user to ensure his/her bills will be paid just on time.

Personal Capital App
This application is another award-winning and not far different from the previous applications. This app offers graphs and charts of your spending, income and the performance of your investments which can easily be understood so that the user will easily monitor their finances. Accounts, individual security, and asset class can track the user’s investments. You can also take a look in your portfolios which has comparison indices to major. You can also find exact value percentage of the asset class that you are unconsciously paying so much which is basically deducted from fees. There is also 401(k) analyser of fees and fee calculator which is mutual-fund that shows if that one that you are paying is overpriced. This application has feature called investment check-up which analyses the user’s portfolio and it also shows how you can endure few changes to gain income. This app is very flexible for it is usable for both men and women, old and young people who are interested in business but finds themselves having a hard time to manage their finances. This app will assure that at the end of the day, you have a detailed summary of your expenses and savings so that in future, you will know what will you buy and what is not worth to buy.

Pocket Expense App
This is another free android app which will not make the user cry. This app will help you in your finance-based problems for it tracks and self-analyse the user’s personal finance. After your input, you can start managing your accounts, multiple or not, which is available in a daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis, yearly basis or even based on overall statistics of your balances including each of the account’s actual balances. The feature of this app called budget-tracker supports budget which are multiple or not. Through charts, this app will show the user’s expenses and incomes. You can set a limit for your expenses and try to monitor how much balance is left until all of your money is gone. This app can also track bills, pay bills fully or partly, and the user can set alerts to give warnings on bills that dues are near or even if the bill is already overdue. This app is one of a kind because of its unique feature. You might want to think about getting this or trying this in the future because I tell you, there is no user of this app until today which regretted getting pocket expense app. This app is not an application for nothing, every detail and information shown in this application makes sense and is true. If you are having a problem regarding on your financial management and you can’t afford to hire a financial expert, you can try this free application and see what happens.

Bottom Line App
This app is the only app in this article that is not an award winner. But what made it a good application is the fact that this app is easy to use in monitoring your expenses, investments, plans of retirement, and your savings. The most important feature of this application is that it provides something that you can actually do anytime and anywhere. This application can provide detailed summary of your balances within a minute. Because of this fast response, this app will lead you to better decisions in life regarding on finances. Having this application will surely make you stay at the peak of your financial health. As I say, this application is not chosen for nothing. Developers intended to make this app as powerful just like the rest because they want to help people who find hard time to complicated applications.

There are no applications that can save you from spending. The role of these applications is to prevent their user from making bad decisions regarding on financial problems. These applications are only tools and not something that we can use to magic things that are in trouble to make it good again as it seemed to be in just a snap of fingers. We have to use these applications wisely because a technology is nothing without the human brain that will give commands on it.

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