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Frequently Asked Questions

At Yarrow, there are few things more important to us than making sure each and every one of our clients receives the excellent service that they deserve. No matter what type of services you need from us, you can count on our team to be there throughout every step of the process. From our vendor program to our equipment leasing, we are committed to answering your questions and providing you with all of the information you need to get the most out of our services. That’s why we’ve compiled vendor program, cash advance, and equipment financing FAQs.

No matter what type of question you have about any of these services, you will find a variety of useful answers and information on our website. Of course, we understand that there may be aspects of each of our services that our FAQs don’t cover, which is why a helpful member of our team is always available to provide you with more details.

Whether you’ve been using our services for years or you’re new to Yarrow, you can fully rely on us to place your needs before all else. Browse our FAQs to learn more about our commercial financing services, and make sure you give us a call if you would like to any additional information!

FAQ’s by service type

1. How long does it take?

Yarrow can provide up to $2,000,000 with a one page financing application and a few months of bank statements. Many times final approval can be completed within a few hours. Funding typically occurs within 24-48 hours after delivery and acceptance of final terms.

2. How are you different from a bank?

For small businesses, we know that time is money. Unlike a bank, our application process is quick, easy, and transparent. You can apply for all of our financing products simultaneously online in just 15 minutes, and get a decision in as little as 24 hours after document submission. We also know that a credit score isn’t the only indicator of healthy business. While the underwriting process at traditional banks is clunky and inflexible, we combine technology with seasoned underwriters to better understand your business and find terms that suit your needs.

3. Why should I borrow from Yarrow and not someone else?

We offer competitive rates, manageable repayment schedules, and provide each applicant with a dedicated account manager to guide you through our quick and easy online application. In addition to all this, we have access to a deep and diverse network of lenders which will ensure we can provide the best overall value.

4. What will my rate be?

Your interest rate / repayment rate varies by products however for business loans 4.99% to 22.99% for prime customers is about average. Your final rate will be based on the length of the loan (in months) and the strength of your business credit and potentially personal credit profile.

5. How much is the application fee?

We will never, under any circumstances, ask you for an upfront fee in order to apply with us. If someone asks you for an application fee, it is a scam and should be reported immediately.

6. Is there a daily repayment?

We offer daily, weekly, monthly and variable daily payments. Depending on the type of program you are interested in and qualify for we likely have something that meets your needs.

7. What kind of businesses do you help?

We’ve helped thousands of established American businesses grow, create new jobs, and stimulate economic growth in their local communities. We fund a variety of businesses, from veterinary clinics to pharmacies to cosmetics brands and more. Unfortunately, we do not currently lend to certain industries, including speculative real estate, nonprofit organizations, gambling businesses, marijuana dispensaries, and pornography. To learn whether your business is eligible, apply today.

8. Are lease rates variable?

No. Lease rates and terms are fixed.

9. When will you check my credit score?

We will conduct a soft credit inquiry after you’ve agreed to that inquiry in our application. This soft pull of your personal credit will not impact your credit score or show up on reports obtained by other lenders. If you choose to proceed past the initial application phase, for most applicants, we will conduct only soft credit inquiries to underwrite your financing. There are some cases where we will need to ask for a hard inquiry. For businesses organized as general partnerships, we will conduct a hard pull of your personal credit report prior to submitting your application to our credit team for consideration. The hard pull may impact your credit score or show up on reports obtained by other lenders.

10. How long do I have to be in business?

Most programs require a minimum of one year in business. However, exceptions can be made based on the credit strength of the company. Freelancers can prove time in business either by verification of a business checking account, or by showing income on a Schedule C of a tax return.

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